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Current Members


CSC Pool Rules


Membership rates for the 2024 season are shown below.

All dues payments must be submitted by March 31, 2024. You have received an email(s) with a custom invoice for your 2024 dues.

  • General Membership Dues: $795
  • Senior Associate (Couple) Dues: $350
  • Senior Single Dues: $204
  • Master Couple Dues: $401
  • Master Single Dues: $254


  • If a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, there will be an additional $100 fee applied.
  • Starting April 1, 2024, existing member payments are considered late, and a $150 late fee will be applied to your balance due.
  • Termination paperwork must be submitted by March 31, 2024. Termination paperwork submitted on or after April 1, 2024 will result in a $100 late fee deducted from the bond.
  • Unpaid accounts as of May 1, 2024 are subject to automatic termination. Termination due to nonpayment is also subject to the $100 late fee deducted from the bond.
  • Membership or Billing Questions? Contact: membership@communityswimclub.com

Terminating General Membership

Current General Members wishing to redeem their bond should consult the following link: Termination Procedure. Bond and termination paperwork must be postmarked by 3/31/2024 to avoid penalties.  

How to Pay

Dues can be paid through the link in the invoice that is emailed to the primary account holder’s email address. You do not need to have a PayPal account. Simply select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” as shown below. Note that a service fee will be applied at checkout.


Follow the customized “Pay Now” button in your email invoice:

The button will take you to a check out page customized to your account type, and the payment will be linked to your account:

Registering Babysitters

Members who use a babysitter or nanny to help with childcare over the summer need to complete an application and register their sitter/nanny with the club.  When the sitter/nanny is at the pool with your children and you are not present, no fee is required. If the sitter/nanny is present when you, the member, is present, the sitter/nanny must pay the guest fee.


To apply for a guard or front desk position at CSC, please go to www.guardforlife.com. When filling out the application, please make sure you indicate in the notes section that you would like to work at CSC. 

Our snack bar is operated by an independent vendor.