Facility Reservations

Facility Reservations
Select a date on the calendar to view the reservation grid for that day. You must immediately online pay via the website-generated email. Unpaid reservations will be canceled.

Read before reserving

As a reminder, no reservations can be made before May 27th.
Reservations are for 4-hour blocks. The price is $50/block Monday through Thursday, and $70/block Friday through Sunday.
To make a reservation:
1. Log into your account
2. Navigate to the time/day you want on the facilities calendar — make sure you are selecting the pavilion you want! There are two: the baby pool pavilion and the rear “blue roof” pavilion.
3. Be sure to follow the directions to immediately pay for your reservation. Unpaid reservations are “pending” and subject to cancellation at any time.

4.  When reserving a pavilion the money does not include the price of guests.  This is a different fee and is not included.  Please be aware guests are $7.00 per guest

Please select carefully! Refunds are only available if the pool closes for inclement weather.

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